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How to I withdraw money?

Withdrawal of funds from your trading account can credited to the bank account on record with NZ Financial. Please kindly send us your full banking details, including your bank`s name, address, IBAN/SWIFT number, your bank account number, your full name etc. For first time withdrawal, please kindly provide us with the necessary verification documents.

What documents are required for first time withdrawal?

Withdrawal requests must be accompanied by:

Clear color copy of your Passport including your written signature

Clear copy of recent Utility Bill (any bill that is not older than 3 months and comes to your name and address of residence e.g. water bill, electric, gas, telephone etc…) or Bank Statement

You need to submit your documents only one time. All your personal information, payment details and documents are managed according to a very firm information security policy, as expected from an organization that provides Financial Services to end users and in charge of Safekeeping of Clients Accounts. You can find more information here: Privacy Policy. If at any point you encounter problems please do not hesitate to contact us by email, Live Chat or phone. We are committed to assisting you in every way possible.

How long will it take to process my withdrawal request?

Withdrawal requests take up to five business days to process. Delays beyond our control might occur due to third party withdrawal payment methods.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

Yes, withdrawal requests are subjected to withdrawal processing fee depending on the requested amount. You are liable for all withdrawal fees. The actual withdrawal fee will be deduct from the amount withdraw.

Why I have not receive my withdrawal fund?

If you cannot see your funds following 14 business days your funds has been processed, please send us a bank statement showing a 14 business day time period. We will then provide you with a bank SWIFT document of the transaction that will help your bank to locate the funds.

When can i withdraw after i start making profit using free bonus?

You could make withdrawal when you fulfil 4 requirements:
1. You have make USD125 or above of profit in your account
2. You have trade minimum 5 lots
3. Free bonus given could not be withdraw in any circumstances
4. Only profit made after the deposit has succesfully credited to the trading account is valid to withdraw. Any profit made before the deposit has succesfully credited to the trading account is invalid.

How much is the withdrawal charges?

NZF charges USD25 for every withdrawal transaction.


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