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1. Product Name: Bridge Aggregator
Connects your server to several external liquidity providers using FIX protocol. Our Bridge Aggregator allows synchronizing prices with liquidity providers and benefiting from the best price available on the market.

Main features:

  • Multiple liquidity provider support
  • Multiple liquidity consumer support
  • Showing statistics
  • Database
  • User-friendly configuration
  • Price aggregation and the best price execution
Once installed, bridge configuration is available with any browser. You can navigate using consumer, provider or core settings. New consumers and providers can be created as well.

2. Product Name: Ultimate Multi Account Management (UMAM)
This program enables money managers to get incentives while trading on several client accounts simultaneously, distributing profits and losses proportionally among all clients’ accounts. UMAM work great with different liquidity providers. It is easy to configure and it is compatible with other plugins.

Both money managers (Masters) and traders (Slaves) will benefit from using this plugin:

Masters, are benefiting by getting rewards for profitable trading. They can see current incentive value without withdrawing it from the balance. Slave, are benefiting by the opportunity to have profitable trades without large investment and without any experience. The plugin supports microlots and allocated profits to slave’s accounts very accurately.

If your clients want to minimize risks, they can detach from master when they reach certain level of Take Profit or Stop Loss or simply detaching for any reasons with partial close on the master’s order.

Besides all above, the plugin is white-lable friendly configuration, some functions are available with managerial access. For instance, your managers can recalculate incentive for masters and detach slaves.

3. Product Name: Web Integration
Connects your website and MetaTrader4 through our Web Integration plugin. Brings convenience and universal availability to your trading system. Features available in this application can be used for both trader and broker due to ability to perform all the same functions that are available in MT4 Manager.

Main features:

  • Works as a service ( no MT4 Manager/ Administration access required)
  • Can be integrated with all kinds of plugin e.g. Ultimate Multi-Account Management or Multi-Level Agent and IB Commission plugins
  • Compatibility with any web-programming language


  • User registration
  • Referral links for multi-level IB structure
  • Deposit/Withdrawal
  • News Subscription

4. Product Name: Event Alerts
Your clients is able to receive SMS and email messages about what is happening to their account in real time. You can choose whether clients should pay fee for the messages or not. You can easily specify which clients will get the service and what events each of them is subscribed to.

This solution works as application or service, don’t need to be installed on server.

5. Product Name: Trade Duplicator
This plugin enables your clients to increase their revenue by copying orders made by experienced traders and also make their own trades.

Copy Method:

  • One to one
  • With percent multiplier
  • According to balance
  • According to equity
  • According to free margin
  • Fixed number of lots

Main Functions:

  • Trade Duplicator is compatible with all plugins and FIX Bridge
  • Changing plugin settings doesn’t require MT4 server restart
  • Traders can close orders made by Donor Account (partial close on Executive Account)

Custom Application Development
We develop software for brokerage companies in the foreign exchange market. We have created variety of products, develop the best solution for every problem in foreign exchange market. Today we have dozens of ready-made modules and hundreds of ready solutions which can be the base for any solution you required.

It is important to maintain unique and exclusive solutions to your clients, and we are ready to help in the creation of personal software, which suit you better.

Contact us at for details.

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